Mela – Granny Smith Apple Juice (330ml)

$4.50 incl GST

Not for the Ponsonby Dandies who like their cider sweet, this green Granny bites with a crisp tartiness that keeps on giving. All others pale in its unadulterated glory.

The original Granny Smith apple was a ‘sport’ — a random hybrid discovered by Maria Smith in 1868, growing in her compost heap in Sydney’s Eastwood. It likely sprang from the dregs of Tasmania-grown French Crabapples she’d brought home from the local market. It took some years to catch on, but Aussie apple exports went through the roof after WWI due to the Granny Smith’s outstanding keepability, and NZ got into the variety. It’s a very good cooking apple; sharp and uncompromising to the bite — very refreshing served chilled.

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