Bootleg Jerky – Manuka Yaki (Manuka Honey & Teriyaki)

$6.99 incl GST

When the bigshot bootlegger and a Japanese mob boss make a business deal, this is the result – a unique Teriyaki-flavoured Jerky hand-made by the brothers and mouth-watering enough to be traded for premium Japanese hooch in the swankiest of speakeasies along the foggy Chicago River.

The brothers knew their onions…if they failed to produce a unique Jerky made from prime, grass-fed New Zealand beef soaked in the finest Japanese soy sauce, Great Barrier Island Manuka honey, rice vinegar, ginger, garlic and sesame to smother the tongue in a sweet but tangy experience, they had to prepare for a kisser full of lead and a Chicago overcoat.

The result? Oishii!

40g pack

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