Wild Chef – Polenta Fries

$6.99 incl GST

Your deliciously convenient snack awaits with Wild Chef’s Polenta Fries.

With a delicious crunchy outer and creamy centre, these are a gourmet alternative to regular potato chips.

Simply add your favourite dipping sauces and impress your friends and family with these Polenta Fries!

Tip: These are traditionally served with freshly grated parmesan cheese!

• 100% Gluten Free and Dairy Free

• Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly

• NZ Made

• Approx. 15 Servings per Pack

• Convenient – 12 month Best Before Date in freezer

• No Additives or Preservatives

• Quick & easy to cook – Oven, Air Fryer, pan/BBQ

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